Teachers Training

The ability to comprehend is probably one of the most important abilities of people. Comprehension can be worked on, developed, improved as any other ability we have. It is not only important but crucial for the education process, since it is responsible for the most difficult task - to pass on particular agreements, different notions, processes and concepts not as a formal text, but in a manner that these notions and concepts find their place among other concepts already existing in the students’ knowledge database, relate to them and most of all be understood in a way, which will allow them to be further applied in everyday life.
The training organized under the GoScience project will focus on giving the science teachers knowledge and skills to use and implement in their practice an innovative methodology for enhancing comprehension in science education in high schools.

Day 1_GoScience_Comprehension and literacy_MM.pptx (397,1 kb)
Day 1_GoScience_Enhancing listening comprehension_MM.pptx (395,4 kb)
Day 1_GoScience_Enhancing reading comprehension_MM.pptx (462,5 kb)
Day 1_GoScience_Methods and instruments for enhancing comprehension_MM.pptx (465,2 kb)
Day 1_GoScience_Vocabulary in science education_MM.pptx (396,3 kb)
Day 2_Examples of models_UH.pdf (704,3 kb)
Day 2_GoScience_recognition and memory_RV.ppt (360,4 kb)
Day 2_GoScience_understanding of everyday awareness and scientific concepts_UH.pptx (1,8 mb)
Day 2_activity_forming term chain_UH.pdf (197,3 kb)
Day 3_GoScience_methodological recommendations for using the models_UH.pptx (1,3 mb)
Day 3_GoScience_reality and how we can remember_RV.ppt (391,7 kb)
Day 3_Planning the lesson.pdf (11,3 kb)
Day 4_GoScience_assessment criteria for models_UH.pptx (117,1 kb)
Day 4_GoScience_models theory_RV.ppt (1,1 mb)
Day 4_activity_working out assessment criteria of a model_UH.pdf (8,3 kb)
Day 5_GoScience_use of analogies_art_drama_science concept maps_MM.pptx (419,9 kb)
GoScienceEN_Training agenda_Bulgaria Oct 2018_final.docx (399,9 kb)
GoScience_Training agenda_Bulgaria Oct 2018.pdf (605,4 kb)
GoScience_project presentation_MM.pptx (415,7 kb)

Methodological material for teachers

How to teach science differently in high school

GoScience and Goerudio projects for encouraging STEM learning.pdf (85 kb)
How to understand the process of comprehension and transfer of information.pdf (154,6 kb)
Method and Tool to Achieve Necessary Level of Comprehension.pdf (98,3 kb)
The Use of Associative Images for the Development of Comprehension in Sciences Education.pdf (191,6 kb)
Use of models in Reverse Thinking.pdf (167,9 kb)