Project Results

Research on creative pedagogical approaches focused on enhancing comprehension in teaching and learning sciences in school:

The research aims to identify pedagogical approaches, tools and practices, focusing on enhancing comprehension in science education in high schools. The research focuses on the ability to comprehend, since it is one of the most important abilities of people. Based on the research a methodology for enhancing comprehension in science education in schools will be developed to help teachers work on, develop and improve this ability in their students. It is not only important but crucial for the education process, since it is responsible for the most difficult task - to pass on particular agreements, different notions, processes and concepts not as a formal text, but in a manner that these notions and concepts find their place among other concepts already existing in the students’ knowledge database, relate to them and most of all be understood in a way, which will allow them to be further applied in everyday life. Comprehension gives us access to know about the world around us. Our way to be and to behave is deeply influenced by our perception and how we comprehend the information that surrounds us.

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Methodology for enhancing comprehension in science education in high schools:
The methodology is the corner stone to build and implement a systematic approach for science teaching and learning focused on comprehension and on active student involvement in the educational process. The methodology aims to provide teachers with knowledge, skills and tools to build their teaching around the concept of enhancing comprehension, which is the focal point of the project GoScience. The methodology will show teachers how they can actively involve the students in the educational process and encourage their creativity. The methodology is built on the concept of adopting a student-centered approach of teaching. With this methodology we want to help teachers work with students in a way which will allow the students to construct their knowledge actively, to activate their previous knowledge and to relate new structures to the existing ones.

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